If You love nature and Mediterranean vegetation, follow the road which joins Diano Marina with Imperia, linking the centres of Calderina, Serreta and Gorleri. And enjoy the wonderful view of Imperia and Diano Gulf from the resorts of Pini del Rosso and Alpicella. Trips nearby Diano:

In the surroundings:

Little village right on the top of a hill, with a nice civic centre which in summer becomes a well-known open-air theatre

Balzi Rossi
The most important archaeological Liguria area near Ventimiglia. In these wonderful caves right on the sea, the man lived 200.000 years ago.

Giardini di Villa Hanbury
On the cape of the Mortola there is this beautiful garden with olive trees, vines, palms and cactus. The result is a real Paradise , a botanical park unique in the world. Some plants come even from Asia and the Australian Forest.

With its Middle Age centre (Pigna) and the famous Casino

Ancient fortified fief with modern ceramics, sculptures and murales placed in the centre lanes (caruggi). Artists like Agenore Fabbri, Treccani, Salino, have realized a real permanent open-air art exhibition

A wonderful place, a real jewel between present and past, with ancient stairs and narrow lanes which lead to the beautiful baroque church " S. Giovanni Battista ". An enchanting terrace by the sea where every summer an International Chamber Music Festival takes place.

Avvistamento cetacei (Whale Watch)
In front of Liguria there is a stretch of sea which can offer you a really nice meeting. Every summer 200 whales, dolphins and sperm whales cross this warm water. In this way it is possible to see these sea mammals in their natural environment without disturbing them.

During Summer we recommend You trips to Monaco, Nice, Aquarium of Genoa, Rapallo, Portofino and the Water Park "Le Caravelle.

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