Religious holidays of most interest to their particularities are:

Infiorata del Corpus Domini
A religious event where the Church melts with the traditional Folklore. In the streets thousands of beautiful flowers lay down like coloured carpets while people walk praying and singing.

Madonna del Carmine
In the middle of July, for the " Madonna del Carmine ", takes place an exciting pyrotechnical show with thousands of brighting colours.

Assunzione di Maria Vergine
Every 15th August the Feast for the Virgin Assumption melts with Folklore tradition: thousand of coloured lights in the Diano wonderful sea. A fascinating show in the summer August night

Carnevale Dianese
The Sunday after the Shrove Tuesday, there is a special Feast with folklore groups, music, colours and masquerades.

For cycling:
Milano - San Remo cycling race, the Grand Premio of Diano Marina and the Trofeo Giovanissimi.

For the motor racing:
the Rally Cittá di Diano Marina , in March, April (for past luxury racing cars) and May.

For sailing:
every Easter and in November the West Liguria regattas.

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